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We have introduced fab new activity combo deals to maximise your enjoyment of Skypark! You can see our various pass details below – and book via any of the Book Now buttons… enjoy!!

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If you have any questions check out our FAQ’s at the bottom of the page

Mega Adventure Pass
Includes your choice from 12 activities. The most popular activity is Skypark Aerial Course which can take up to 3hrs. Starting slots for training & briefing are at 10am, 11am, 2pm & 3pm and it can take up to 3 hours to complete. There are varying degrees of difficulty and plenty of hop-on-hop-off points so you can make it as easy and short as you like.  Some other activities also have time slots across the day, you will be provided with details when you arrive.
Junior Adventure Pass
Includes choices from 14 activities. The most popular being Sky Junior Aerial Course which can take up to 30mins to complete and is just 1 meter off the ground so is parent supervised. Normally its fine to complete multiple loops of the course just depending on availability at peak times.
Down To Earth Pass
All the fun of Skypark, without the heights! An adventure pass for those that want to keep their feet on the ground but still have loads of fun

Meal Deal

Food isn’t included within your package but can be ordered separately. You can choose the options and purchase when you arrive at the park. Our new and improved menu features lots of delicious options for the whole family.

Other Info:

– The age categories are just recommendations and there is a small bit of flexibility in terms of age as its as much to do with their aptitudes to height! The key thing is that kids need to be at least 1mtr for Sky Junior aerial course and 1.2mtrs for the main aerial adventure course (the main activities within each pass).
– Under 16’s must be supervised by an adult at all times – not one that is participating on the aerial adventure course. Its fine for parents to swap duties during the day as long as there is always someone with the kid(s)!
– There may be some queuing required at certain activities but they generally move along quickly. Otherwise just move to another activity and go back at a quieter time. The non time slot activities are great fillers!
– Please observe usual COVID-19 precautions such as social distancing and hand hygiene. If you feel unwell or have travelled outside Ireland during the past 14 days please don’t visit our facilities. If you contact us beforehand we will be happy to transfer your booking to a later date.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can adults do?

Adults can do Mega Passes, Down to Earth and Fun For All.

What can parents do?

Parents that want to relax or just supervise their kids but not actually take pat in activities can just purchase a ‘Non Participant Pass’. Parents that want to take part in activities need to purchase an activity pass, depending on which activities they want to do.

Is there anything for under 4’s to do?

We have a sandpit for kids to play in and loads of open space for them to run around in. They can also take part in certain activities with older siblings if they are confident enough (ie mini jeeps, mini golf, Skypark Express Train etc).

Do I need to pre-book?

It is advised to pre-book to guarantee your slot, otherwise your choice of activity and time mightn’t be available.

Do you need to pre-book times for the various activities?

Only the Aerial Adventure course and Sky Junior course need to be pre-booked and spaces are limited, other activities

Do I need to book an activity pass or can I just purchase activities separately?

You can book activities separately but its much better value to book activity passes.

What’s the difference between a basic entry and a non participating pass?

Non participating pass is for parents / guardians who are supervising kids but not taking part (includes access to maze). A basic entry gets anyone access to the park and entry to the Ireland’s Ancient East Maze

Are there any discounts for carers or those with special needs?

50% off upon production of a relevant ID card

Are there any places where the disabled can roam around?

Skypark is wheelchair friendly but most activities are not suitable

Can we arrive anytime or do we have a schedule to follow?

Arrival is anytime between 10am and when we close at 7pm. The only scheduled activities are the aerial courses that need time slots booked in advance.

Do we have packages for families?

As we have different activity package levels they are only bookable on an individual basis.

What is suitable for below 9 year old and above 9 year old?

What activities can 3 year olds do?

Depends on their levels of confidence and whether they have older siblings to help them but we have a sandpit and they should be able to take part in minigolf, maze, aeroball and bungee trampoline.

Are pets allowed in SkyPark?

Dogs are fine on a leash.

What time are you open/closed?

We are open from 10 am to 6 pm

Do you have food there?

Yes we have a hot menu and cafe

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